CBD Cooling Cream vs. Icy Hot. What Works for Muscle Pain

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I’ve worked out for over twenty years regularly. I started out around 18 or 19 and it's been a big part of my life. Working out is just part of my weekly routine. Anywhere from three to five times a week I’m in the gym alternating days of cardio with weight training.

Outside of chronic back pain up until my late 30s, around 37 to be exact, I was pretty lucky with the injuries. I had no major injuries, just your standard sore muscles. But 37 hit me hard. That year I had a shoulder injury, knee pain, a very minor pec injury and what felt like a bad case of lateral epicondylitis, better known as tennis elbow. 

What I did initially when an injury hit was just stop lifting weights. I’d do just cardio exercises for a month or more until everything felt right again. The time off from lifting seemed to do the trick and usually always felt 100% after a couple weeks or more off of weight lifting.

I’m not one who is big on taking any types of medication for pain. I can’t remember the last time I took an aspirin or Tylenol. I really feel like unless it’s absolutely necessary less is more when it comes to taking medication. I like to let my body heal naturally. 

I toughed it out with my injuries (most of which have been recurring) up until late last year. Late last year I started trying CBD cream to see if I could alleviate the pain from my injuries.

Occasionally I’d use Icy Hot when I was really feeling an injury and that helps, but only minmally. The initial application felt good and it would sooth for a bit, maybe 10 to 15 minutes but then the effects would just kind of fade away. So I started using this CBD cooling cream from Medterra. I’d apply it on my elbow, shoulder or lower back. Here is my experience:

cbd cooling cream vs. icy hot, which is better?


First off I’ve bought this product twice because one, I wanted to give it a fair shake, and two, because it does work. How well does it work? Well the closest thing I can compare it to is Icy Hot. I buy the 750mg strength and when you apply a small amount you feel a similar sensation to when you apply Icy Hot. You feel a cool, burning or tingling sensation at the applied area. For me, depending upon how much I apply it lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half. 

I can’t decide if the cool, tingling sensation is the CBD working it’s magic on the area or if it’s more of a distraction for your mind but it does seem to provide relief, at least I think so. It is a relief sensation somewhat similar to Icy Hot but in my opinion it feels stronger, almost like the cream works itself in deeper to the applied area than Icy Hot would.

It has a different smell than Icy Hot; a bit of a medicinal smell, a smell I can’t really relate to anything else and no it doesn’t smell like Marijuana. It is a “fresh” smell though and is in no way a bad smell. The smell does fade long before the effects do, in fact after 20 to 30 minutes the smell is almost all gone. 

It rubs in easily and doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness. It also doesn’t appear to stain clothes, at least all of my shirts and shorts that it’s touched don't have any discoloration.

I’ve tried cbd on all of my injuries, back, elbow, knee, legs, pecs you name it. It has about the same effect everywhere. I feel some relief for maybe an hour or more but then the effects fade and I’m left with an injury that feels better than before I applied it, however that injury is still very much there. Granted, that could be partly a placebo effect or the fact that I just rested my injury for an hour or so. 

The Bottom Line on CBD Cooling Cream

If I had to sum it up in a sentence I’d say it’s like extra strength Icy Hot. There is really no other way to describe it. Once the effects wear off is my injury better than it would have been had I used Icy Hot? I’d like to think it is, maybe it’s in my mind or maybe because cbd cooling cream is expensive. When it comes to cost Icy Hot clearly has the advantage at around $6 a box vs the cooling cream at Medterra at about $60, if you find a coupon. CBD is ten times as expensive as over the counter pain creams; obviously not cheap.

I think my next purchase of cbd cream is going to be this product from Pain Relief inc. sold on Amazon. It’s considerably cheaper and you can see that it has close to 2,000 reviews and is almost four stars. Once I try it I’ll report back with my experience in another blot post. 



If you have chronic muscle pain, back pain or a recurring injury from sports or working out I suggest you give it a try once and see if it works for you. Yes the cost is steep but if it does give you relief from your ailment then it’s well worth it. Let us know your experience in the comments below. 

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